Gaffney: It's all about Wellard

EastEnders star Dean Gaffney said he'll never shake off his association with his character's dog Wellard.

The actor back in the soap for one week as Robbie Jackson - said people still come up to him and ask how the animal is.

He said: "Whatever show I do, whether it's the jungle or Extras or even if I did a Hollywood movie, it'll always come back to 'How's Wellard?' - it's the one thing, the only thing, I ever hear every day of the week."

Dean is bracing himself to hear the question again now he's back in the soap but he admitted: "It's nice to not just be on the show and leave, but to be remembered for something."

After his return to Albert Square, Robbie learnt the heartbreaking news that the mutt had popped his clogs.

The actor was pleased with the way the soap dealt with Wellard's death, which happened in 2008, when he was no longer in the show.

"It could have been very cliche and cheesy but the way they filmed the demise of Wellard's character was brilliant. It was very tear-jerking when he fell asleep and the music played over it. I remember Sid Owen [Ricky Butcher] rang me and said, 'You have to watch tonight's episode. Wellard dies.' So I watched and was really pleased with it."

Source - MSN


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