Larry Lamb against slaughter

Larry Lamb begged 'EastEnders' bosses not to kill off Archie Mitchell.

The 62-year-old actor asked executives on the BBC One soap to rethink their decision to kill off his on screen persona, because he enjoyed working on the soap so much.

He said: "I do remember asking if I had any choice in the matter and they said no. So I just accepted it. And what a fabulous way to go."

Although he was initially disappointed, the actor eventually agreed the murder storyline was the only way his alter-ego could have gone out.

He said: "Anyway, they were right. The story had to be rounded off. Archie couldn't have continued sitting around in the Queen Vic, spinning his web of evil like some giant spider. It could have become a bit farcical. But it's such good fun playing a baddie."

Following weeks of speculation, Archie's killer is due to be revealed in a special live episode of the show which will be aired on Friday (19.02.10) in celebration of the soap's 25th anniversary.

Larry's time on the programme was made more enjoyable by his friendship with his co-star Barbara Windsor.

He added: "The very first thing she said to me was, 'I knew you were tall' - I'm six foot three - 'but blimey! How are we going to deal with that?'

"I said, 'Well, big blokes, little girls, Babs. It happens, doesn't it? I can always bend down.' And she roared with laughter. We clicked from that moment.

Source - Virgin Media


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