Laurie Brett's accent surprise

EastEnders star Laurie Brett likes to surprise people with her Scottish accent.

The 39-year-old actress who was raised in Hamilton, Lanarkshire and has a thick regional accent finds it funny when people expect her to speak with a cockney twang like her character Jane Beale, and uses her regional dialect to avoid the limelight.

She said: "I thought the fact that I am Scottish was quite well known but there are a lot of people that just don't realise. It does come in handy sometimes when people ask me if I'm Jane from 'EastEnders', I just let the Scots accent come out. They always think they have got it wrong and say that I look really like her."

But it's not just the London accent Laurie has mastered.

The actress voice can swiftly alter depending on where she is and who she is talking to.

She told "The London accent is not something I have to put on, I have just always had a knack for accents. I tend to pick up on the way people speak wherever it is I happen to be. When I am in London I tend to have a London accent, when I speak to my mum, Anne, I talk pure Hamilton and when I speak to my Aussie mates I end up talking just like them. It's just quite natural to me in the same way as saying 'Hola' is when I go to Spain."

Source - Virgin Media


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