Murderer Stacey to stay

Archie assassin Stacey Branning will get away with murder because EastEnders bosses are desperate for her to stay in the soap.

The fall guy (yet again) will be her poor hubby Bradley, with detectives blaming him for the Queen Vic killing.

A whopping 16.6 million viewers saw Bradders plunge to his death just before Stacey's confession in Friday night's live episode to mark the show's 25th birthday.

But bipolar Stacey played by multi-award-winning Lacey Turner won't be going down.

An insider told us: "Lacey is with us for the foreseeable future.

"But don't forget she told her father-in-law Max that she killed Archie so there are plenty of twists and turns to come."

Yesterday Lacey, 21, revealed she nearly couldn't say the infamous words, "It was me, I killed Archie" due to a bad sore throat.

Earlier in the day she'd missed the dress rehearsals because she'd lost her voice then she lost it again straight after filming.

She said: "It's typical isn't it, just as the live is upon us I get ill and lose my voice but, to be honest, even though I felt terrible nothing was going to stop me doing it.

"Everyone has worked so hard on this episode and it is such a big part of TV history that I just knew I couldn't miss it. I just made sure I rested my voice throughout the day so I could save it for the filming."


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