Nina Wadia's exhausting labour

Nina Wadia almost fainted during her 'EastEnders' labour scenes.

The actress who portrays over-protective mother Zainab Masood in the BBC One soap - got so involved in her on screen persona's birthing scenes, she started hyperventilating and almost passed out on set.

She said: "I almost did pass out. There was a really surreal moment where all I could see was Nitin Ganatra's face in a small circle and everything around him was all black because I was hyperventilating."

However, the 41-year-old actress was determined to give the scene her all because she is certain she won't ever get the chance to play a pregnant woman again.

She explained to Digital Spy: "I went for it - I thought this is probably the last time in my career I'll get to play having a baby and I could actually do it realistically for once having had them! It's not pretty, I can assure you of that!"

Although she found the scene exhausting, Nina is thrilled to finally be able to stop wearing the fake pregnancy bump.

She explained: "My God, but I'm going to have to wear it for the live episode! Can you believe it? It's a massive one because it's the day before I give birth! It's just uncomfortable - it's sewn into a body suit which I haven't worn since I was a dancer in the 80s! It's also really hideous as you can imagine but you kind of go, 'All I need now is to go out there with just this on and a pair of leg warmers and I'll be the most unattractive woman in anyone's mind!' "

Zainab goes into labour on Monday (22.02.10), following the special live episode on Friday (19.02.10).

Source - Virign Media


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