Original chav Danniella Westbrook

Danniella Westbrook believes she started the 'chav' trend.

The EastEnders actress who plays outspoken Samantha Mitchell in the BBC One soap has admitted she regrets the infamous photograph of herself and young daughter Jody, now aged eight, dressed head-to-toe in matching Burberry checked outfits in 2004.

She revealed: "At the time I thought: 'yeah I can afford that. I'm gonna get it - it's cool!' But then I saw the photo and thought, 'Oh no!' I started off the whole 'chav' thing!

"We all make mistakes but trust me to make mine so publically."

In the months after the photograph was taken, the tan-coloured print was reproduced greatly and became a wardrobe staple amongst many members of the public.

Since she made the fashion mistake six years ago, the 36-year-old star now gets a second opinion whenever she goes clothes shopping.

Danniella revealed: "I never go shopping on my own now. I always take my mate Maria who's a stylist and we stick to the safe shops, such as Joseph."

Source - Virgin Media


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