Palmer 'nervous' about live episode

EastEnders star Patsy Palmer has admitted she is feeling jittery about the soap's first live episode.

The actress, who plays Bianca, is anxious about the broadcast, which airs on Friday February 19, because the cast only received their scripts a week ago.

Speaking before she had seen any hint of dialogue, she said: "I'm not excited, I'm just more nervous, really - I just think if you were doing a play you'd have a script."

She went on: "I'm sort of both ways. I'm excited because it's just something so different to do and I'm nervous because it's such a big ask of everybody. But they'll do it, they'll organise it and it will be fine. It will be brilliant, I'm sure. Nobody will notice. The idea is it has to be the same as a normal episode and nobody will be able to tell it's live."

The episode will feature a big reveal scene, in which Archie Mitchell's killer is unmasked.

Asked her own theories on the whodunnit, Patsy joked: "I think it was the wind. I think the wind blew the bust off the bar."

She added: "I try and get it out of people. I know someone who knows and I keep trying to call her bluff in case she has her defences down. But they're all well trained, these people that know. They give nothing away."

Source - MSN


Anonymous said…
I'm really excited too. Can't wait for it.

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