Patsy: Bring back Babs!

EastEnders won't be the same without Peggy Mitchell behind the bar in the Queen Vic.

At least, that's what Patsy Palmer thinks.

The flame-aired actress, who plays Bianca Jackson, said it will be "weird" when Peggy (played by Barbara Windsor) is no longer in Albert Square.

Patsy said: "I was really happy to hear she might be coming back already but I think that's just all nonsense - it's a shame."

Barbara is due to bow out of the show this year and, despite tabloid reports that she was arranging a return for 2012, 'Enders bosses insisted there were no current plans.

Patsy said that a current storyline, which sees Roxy Mitchell running the Queen Vic instead of Peggy, has made her realise how strange it will be without the diminutive soap icon.

"You realise with this storyline with Roxy in the pub how weird it's going to be. I think the viewers are already getting a bit annoyed. They want Peggy back in the pub.

"When she goes back in, even my kids who are eight and nine and don't even know what a pub is, they say: 'Isn't it nice when Peggy's in the pub?'

"It won't be the same without her. She's brought such a lot to EastEnders. She's such a great character, such a typical East End woman. That's what viewers want, someone they can relate to."

She added: "She might come back though. I hope she does. Unless she get something else really good, it would be nice to see her something else."

Patsy doesn't think her co-star will stop working after she leaves.

"I can't see her settling for too long. She's such a worker," she added.

Source - Holy Soap


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