Rita Simons fears giggles

Rita Simons fears she'll "get the giggles" during the live 'EastEnders' episode.

The actress who plays feisty barmaid Roxy Mitchell in the BBC One soap is terrified she won't be able to contain herself and will burst out laughing when she has to speak during the special live show on Friday (19.02.10).

She said: "I get the giggles when I'm nervous, so that's not good. I'm trying to think of a good line I can say to get me out of a fix if I start laughing.

"I think everyone is feeling the same apprehensive, but excited. I've done lots of live TV, but never any live acting and I was also in a girl band, but I've never done a live episode of a soap before that's for sure!"

The upcoming episode has been planned to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the soap, and as a climax to the ongoing mystery surrounding the murder of soap baddie Archie Mitchell.

Rita is excited about finally finding out what happened to her on screen father who was found dead on the floor of the Queen Vic.

She explained to Take It Easy magazine: "I was quite nervous about the live show at first, but I'm actually pretty cool about it, although I'm sure on the night I'll be petrified! We haven't seen any scripts yet, so I haven't got a clue what's going to happen. We're living in ignorant bliss. We've filmed what happens before and what happens after and that's really confusing because we don't know what happens on the night!

"It's quite amazing how much is kept under wraps. People keep saying to me, 'You must know who killed Archie', but I genuinely don't."

Source - Virgin media


geop2005 said…
hi rita ma name is hannah n i love the giggels but i dont love them when i am gettin in to trouble i always laugh n i cant help its funng getting in to trouble of ur teacher ha ha ur biggest fan eva hannah. x

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