Sean Slater odds-on to be EastEnders killer

Sean Slater is now the odds-on favourite to be revealed as Archie Mitchell's killer in tomorrow's climactic edition of EastEnders.

Bookmaker William Hill has slashed its odds on Sean being the murderer to 4/7 following a flurry of bets from punters.

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Anonymous said…
I think its Bradley,

Emma, Cheshire
Anonymous said…
its sean or stacey and bradley does suicide!!!
i want sean to return he was sick
Anonymous said…
sacey and bardley max anf jack didn't kill achie i think ronnie and sam and roxy kill achie
Anonymous said…
i think it is really sean but stacey is just saying that it was her who killed him because she feels guilty cous bradley is dead. :)
Anonymous said…
sean was HOT and i hpe he comes back xxxxxxxxxx

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