Spoiler: Who's preggers this time?

There must be something in the water in Albert Square.

After baby storylines for Zainab, Heather, Stacey and Ronnie, EastEnders is set to embark on yet another pregnancy plot.

This time the mum-to-be is teenage tearaway Lucy Beale.

According to the Sun, the schoolgirl, played by Melissa Suffield, discovers she is in the family way after sleeping with hunky Leon Small at a party in December.

Although Lucy is unhappy and dad Ian horrified by the news, step-mum Jane sees it as the answer to her prayers.

She has had a hysterectomy and has since been longing for a child.

A Walford insider said: "Lucy has rung rings around her father and step-mum for years. Lucy falls pregnant just as Jane is desperate for a baby.

"Jane believes that the baby could be the solution to her dream of having a baby with Ian.

"Emotions are set to run high for all the Beale family over the next few months and that there are many twists and turns ahead."

Sixteen-year-old Lucy is no stranger to trouble, having already dated gun-toting Craig Dixon and run away from home.

Now she's set to lock horns with her family over what to do about the baby.

An EastEnders spokeswoman said: "We do not like to comment on future storylines as we would not want to spoil anything for the audience."

Source - Holy Soap


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