Spoilers for 15-18 March 2010

Monday 15 March 2010

Still scheming with Peggy, Danny tries to persuade Roxy to buy Booty, the closed-down salon once run by Tanya Branning, in the opening visit of the week to Walford. Jumping at the bait, Roxy rushes in only to find herself competing against a rival bidder.

Lucas is in trouble once again when the residents of Albert Square decide to do a garden makeover. Fearing that they may discover Owen's body underneath Trina's tree, the murderer decides to keep his friends close at hand.

Meanwhile, Shirley overhears Phil bragging to Minty about his taste in women and fears that she may not be exactly what he is looking for.

Tuesday 16 March 2010

Things heat up at the auction in tonight's episode of the long-running drama as Roxy goes well over-budget in her determination to outbid her rival for the Booty salon.

Meanwhile, Lucas is forced to face his fears when Mo, determined to find some hidden treasure, joins the gardening squad with a metal detector in hand.

Concerned that Lucy will find it difficult to balance her pregnancy and her education, Ian and Jane go to meet with the headmaster of the school. Lucy is horrified when they tell her that she is going to be home-schooled.

Thursday 18 March 2010

Ronnie agrees to help a lost little girl find her father, in tonight's penultimate visit of the week to Albert Square. When she realises the identity of the father, however, she cannot help but wonder whether the girl is better off without him.

Shirley, meanwhile, enjoys a nice conversation with Ben but, when he accidentally leaves one of Phil's shopping bags behind, she is alarmed to find a diamond ring.

Elsewhere, Ricky cannot afford to keep Billie on as an apprentice at the Arches. But when he fails to muster the courage to let the young man down, Phil steps in to lend a hand.

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Anonymous said…
hope ronnie halsp dat girl-cant wait to see what goes DOWN!!!

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