Spoilers for 22-25 February 2010

Monday 22 February 2010

The Mitchells are finally back in the Vic and Roxy is determined for the family to relax and get back to normal, in the week's first visit to Albert Square. But things are not quite as smooth as Roxy would like and Shirley snubs Phil after he offers to buy her a drink.

Lucy sneakily takes the day off school. Despite Jane telling him to trust his daughter, Ian tracks Lucy down and finds her in a clinch with Leon.

Meanwhile, Zainab finds Syed and Christian together in the Masala Unit and the three argue. When the boys storm out, the door locks behind them and Zainab is trapped inside. Her cries for help are unheard and she begins to feel the first pangs of labour

Tuesday 23 February 2010

Zainab is trapped in the Masala Unit experiencing labour pains, in the second visit of the week to Albert Square. However, the rest of the family are serving food at a function and nobody is picking up her messages for help.

Christian, meanwhile, is on his way to give the expectant mother a piece of his mind and hears her cries for help. Despite her protestations, he comes to her aid.

Elsewhere, Dot says a tearful goodbye to her granddaughter, Dotty, as the girl's real mother comes to collect her.

Wanting to get her niece, Zsa Zsa, back into school, Shirley's meeting with the headmaster turns sour when she launches a verbal attack and accuses him of writing the girl off unfairly.

Thursday 25 February 2010

While Albert Square welcomes the newest member of the Masood family, Masood himself is under suspicion in a case of stolen post, as the drama continues in Walford. Masood's colleagues search the house and find a parcel, which he assures them is waiting to be delivered. However, he is still asked to go into the office for a more formal discussion.

Syed is angry with Amira for taking the Pill despite their attempts to conceive. Amira, claiming that she is not ready for the responsibility of a child, stands accused of not being dedicated enough to the marriage. Syed is not sure that he can stay married to a woman that he cannot trust.

When Jordan's dog, Sugar, starts sniffing around Trina's tree, Lucas tells Jordan that he must keep the dog away. When Lucas finds the boy digging under the tree he shouts at his son, who promises to stop the dog from going near the tree again. Later, Lucas takes Sugar for a walk out to the lake and returns to tell the family that the dog has run away.

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