Stacey Branning's baby revelation

Stacey Branning is pregnant with Ryan Malloy's baby.

The sexy market stall worker who told her late husband Bradley Branning she fell pregnant after she was raped by soap baddie Archie Mitchell is actually expecting Ryan Malloy's child after the pair had a fling earlier in the year.

The news is not expected to sit well with Ryan's former love-interest Janine Butcher.

A source said: "If Janine learns that Stacey is expecting Ryan's child, there'll be hell to pay. There's no telling what sort of revenge she might plot."

This revelation comes just days after Bradley died in Albert Square on Friday (19.02.10), after he fell from a building fleeing police officers who thought he was responsible for Archie's death.

Moments after Bradley's fall, Stacey admitted to her father-in-law and ex-lover, Max Branning, she was the killer.

As the pregnant character tries to cope with the revelations about her unborn child and an uncertain future on her own, Stacey is tempted to run back to Max for comfort.

An insider revealed: "This sort of misery could push Max and Stacey together again."

Stacey and Max's explosive affair tore their families apart when it was revealed on Christmas Day 2007 (25.12.07).

However the pair could reignite their romance as Max grieves for his son without his wife Tanya from who he is currently estranged.

The source explained: "With Bradley and Tanya gone, there's nothing to stop them reuniting."

Source - Virgin Media


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