Viewers up in arms over EastEnders dog death

The BBC has received more than 100 complaints over the death of EastEnders dog Sugar this week, according to the papers.

The Sun reports that 103 shocked fans of the soap made their views known after it was hinted on Wednesday's episode that serial killer Lucas played by Don Gilet had killed the collie.

By comparison, just a handful of viewers complained when Lucas murdered both his ex-wife Trina and Denise's ex-husband Owen.

The backlash has reportedly prompted the BBC to put out a statement saying that the show "does not condone the killing of dogs or people".

"Although it is never explicit that Sugar dies, the story does indeed suggest that Lucas has killed her," a spokeswoman said.

"This behaviour is completely in keeping with his character."

Lucas is believed to have killed the dog after becoming worried she had discovered the body of his second victim Owen.

Source - Whats on tv


Anonymous said…
We want Sugar back!!!!!

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