Wig-hater June Brown

June Brown wants to destroy Dot Cotton's wig.

The EastEnders actress who portrays the chain-smoking Christian character hates the hairpiece she wears in the BBC One soap so much, she has even threatened to cut it up with a sharp implement.

She said: "I'm going to take my scissors to that wig one day!

"It was me who invented the hairstyle for Dot. I'm always moaning about this hair at the back. If you look at old photographs there's absolutely no hair there. It's short. And high at the top.

Sometimes it was so high, people mistakenly thought I must be very tall. It's known as The Italian Boy."

June has appeared in the soap on and off since the show started in 1985.

After briefly working on TV film 'Margery and Gladys' in 2003, June told bosses she would only return to Albert Square if she could have a new false locks to replace the original "moth-eaten" hairpiece.

She explained to The Sun newspaper: "I had a tatty old wig at first. It looked moth-eaten. So I said that if I was coming back to 'EastEnders' after 'Margery and Gladys', I wanted a new one. I remember once we had to film some adverts for digital television where I had to pull it right off, and I ripped the front bit right off. It had to be sewn back together."

Although she knows she can moan, June believes her grumpy side is balanced by her good sense of humour.

She quipped: "I do complain in the office, but I make them laugh too. If I'd been cross and grumpy they would have got rid of me years ago."

Source - Virgin Media


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