Windsor: I was a scared little lady

Barbara Windsor has a revealed she was a "scared little lady" when she landed the role of Peggy Windsor in EastEnders.

The actress, formerly best known for her appearances in the Carry On movies, said she had no idea of the level of success awaiting her.

She told the Radio Times: "This show gave me the opportunity to reinvent myself - when I went in I was a scared little lady and I really felt that I was in the twilight of my career."

Barbara went on: "I had no idea it was going to carry on and get even better. I worked really hard to discover Peggy and it paid off.

"She's everything I wouldn't want to be - a pub landlady, permanently on show - but I based her on my mum and I adore playing her."

Barbara, 72, first appeared in the soap in 1994, and is due to leave later this year.

EastEnders celebrates its 25th anniversary this year.

Source - MSN


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