Hairy moment for Liam

Mysterious Danny Mitchell is rather easy on the eye, thanks in part to his luscious locks.

But actor Liam Bergin has revealed he would have had a rather different hairstyle, were it not for his co-star Barbara Windsor - (Peggy Mitchell).

Describing his first meeting with the soap veteran, he told Inside Soap: "To begin with, I was intimidated by working with Barbara.

"It was pointless feeling that way, though, because she was the first one to say hello to me as I arrived to start filming.

"She was standing over me while I was having my hair cut and styled before I went before the cameras. They were going to cut it quite short, but she wouldn't let them! She stood in the dressing room looking after me, which was amazing."

We reckon Babs made the right move!

Source - Holy Soap


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