Lacey Turner's Stacey wish

Lacey Turner wishes she was as "ballsy" as Stacey Branning.

The EastEnders actress who portrays the murderous market stall worker in the BBC One soap has revealed she is jealous of her alter-egos confidence and wishes she had Stacey's confidence.

She explained: "I sometimes wish I was as ballsy as her, but I'm about as far from Stacey as you can get. But I'm happy with myself. I've realised I've just got to stop worrying about what everyone else things of me.

"I'm not embarrassed about any of their stories about me. I have done mad things in the past and behaved badly, but who hasn't? The difference is that I'm on television, so everyone gets to know about it."

Despite seeing enormous success as an actress with 'EastEnders', Lacey would rather shun the celebrity lifestyle for a night in at home.

She said: "I guess I'm a little bonkers. But I'm more mild than wild. My idea of hell is a celebrity party. I'd rather stay in and watch TV."

Source - Virgin Media


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