Liam Bergin's dark wish

Liam Bergin hopes his EastEnders alter-ego has a "dark side".

The actor whose character Danny Mitchell turned up for the funeral of his father, Archie Mitchell, last month and surprised his soap sisters Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell has revealed there are still a lot of secrets his character has to unleash on the family.

He said: "It's all very secretive about Danny but I hope he has a dark side... I'd like to see him get a bit nasty."

The soap newcomer believes there may be an ulterior motive as to why Danny suddenly turned up at the funeral and has hinted money could be the cause.

He said: "It's taken him 21 years to turn up... he has no-one else so maybe he wants to be part of a family. Or maybe it's because Roxy has suddenly got a lot of money. Perhaps he thinks a portion of that is rightfully his. I've heard the rumours he might not be a Mitchell but I don't think I'd like that at all. I love being a Mitchell."

Source - Virgin Media


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