Nina Wadia got Archie killer wrong

EastEnders star Nina Wadia has joked that lots of her friends have stopped talking to her because she convinced them of the wrong character's guilt in the soap's whodunnit.

Stacey Branning was revealed to be Archie Mitchell's killer, but Nina (Zainab Massod) had no idea it would be her.

Nina said: "I was convinced it was Ronnie, lot of people hate me because I said 'it's definitely Ronnie.'"

She went on: "I didn't have a flutter but my friends did and that's why they're not talking to me now!"

The live episode, broadcast to celebrate the soap's 25th anniversary, featured 51 members of the cast, but some had bigger roles in it than others.

Nina said of her part: "We had none of the pressure and all of the fun. We had a bit of a dance in the Vic at the end of the day and the atmosphere was electric."

Nina is taking part in Cancer Research UK's Sing For Life campaign, and has very personal reasons for doing it.

She said: "My very close friend Tracey Hobbs died aged 41 from breast cancer and it really upset me. I still miss her so this is my way of keeping her memory alive."

Nina, a host of female celebrities and hundreds of women around the UK have re-recorded 80s classic Girls Just Wanna Have Fun to launch Cancer Research UK's Race For Life 2010. The single will be out on April 26.

To sign up for a Race for Life event visit

Source - MSN


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