Ryan Malloy 'right' for Janine

EastEnders actor Neil McDermott thinks his alter-ego could be the "right man" for Janine Butcher.

The 29-year-old hunk who portrays soap bad boy Ryan Malloy in the BBC One soap wouldn't be surprised if his character was the only male able to help the feisty former prostitute, played by Charlie Brooks, settle down.

He said: "The viewers are warning me off Janine. She left her first husband, Barry Evans, to die and life hasn't turned out too well for her other men, either. I think people fear for Ryan's safety. Someone has to turn Janine's head though, so maybe Ryan really is the right man for her. That's what he seems to think."

Ryan and Janine are about to admit they have strong feelings for each other when a money-making scam goes wrong.

However, Neil believes their deceptive ways could mean they are perfect for each other.

He added: "Neither Ryan nor Janine are people you could describe as conventional - they've never seen themselves having a 'normal' relationship. They banter and deceive each other a lot, but it's in a kind of fun way. Janine's never loved any of the men she's been with before. She has only ever been in it for the money. Ryan understands her and knows why she does the things she does. They both forgive one another's mistakes very easily, and that's why their partnership works."

Source - Virgin Media


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