Spoilers for 29 March - 2 April 2010

Monday 29 March 2010

Just when the Jackson’s seem to be settling down to life on the Square again, Billie’s loyalties are tested as his friends seek revenge against Phil.

Chelsea finally makes some progress with Jack as the pair interrupt their dinner at the Argee Bhajee with a quick trip to the toilets together.

After losing Bradley and killing themselves with worrying for Stacey, things take a turn for the better at the Slater house.

Tuesday 30 March 2010

Having fallen seriously behind in the rent, Janine and Ryan enlist Morgan to help them put their new money making scheme into action.

If Shirley is going to make things work with Phil, she is going to have to deliver some bad news to best friend Heather.

Tensions reach a climax between Whitney and Billie. Feeling frustrated with Billie over his loyalties to his old friends, Whitney offers him an ultimatum.

Thursday 1 April 2010

Angered by Whitney’s efforts to keep Billie away from them, Billie's Balham crew take action against his family and friends.

Janine is still hoping to get her hands on Archie’s money and, needing a new plan, she sends Ryan after Roxy.

Despite Bradley’s death being still fresh in their hearts, the Branning family gather for a big party to celebrate Lauren’s birthday.

With everyone partying away in R&R, the group are a natural target for someone wanting to cause trouble.

Friday 2 April 2010

Tired of playing the rogue, Ryan decides that he needs to put Janine and Albert Square behind him. With Pat playing cupid, Janine struggles to find the courage to ask him to stay.

Chelsea struggles to win Carol’s approval. Admiring her daughter's loyalty, Denise has a word with Carol on Chelsea's behalf.

It is the anniversary of Danielle's death and she is still sorely missed. Ronnie and Stacey support each other as they lay flowers in the girl’s memory.

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Anonymous said…
My words when I read about Lauren's party and Billie's Balham gang's plans....

"What a surprise."

LOL, Billie needs to choose Whitney over them, the trouble-makers.
Poor Ronnie and Stacey - I wish Danielle hadn't died... :-(
Anonymous said…
I read that Jack is shot somehow...

Is this true?

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