Spoilers for 5-9 April 2010

Monday 5 April 2010

The Jacksons and Brannings are on edge at the hospital as Jack's condition worsens, in the week's first visit to Albert Square.

Meanwhile, Janine's latest scheme involves managing the R&R club while Jack is in hospital, and Billy finds himself and Jay homeless, so moves in with Heather and George.

Tuesday 6 April 2010

Carol and Max are at loggerheads over Billie's decision to join the Army as Carol feels it is far too dangerous for her son, as the drama continues in Walford.

Elsewhere, Zsa Zsa is surprised to find a mysterious gift left for her.

Meanwhile, the Masoods are shocked when Amira is sent a large sum of money by her father and suggests that she and Syed move out of the family home.

Thursday 8 April 2010

Roxy and Ronnie's relationship is already strained and Danny stirs things further in tonight's visit to Walford.

After getting a job at a bookmaker's as assistant manager, Ryan hires Janine and they start plotting to get more money.

Meanwhile, to Syed's horror, Amira hires Christian to fix up their new flat.

Friday 9 April 2010

Tension between Christian and Zainab mounts when they find themselves painting the flat together in the final visit of the week to Albert Square.

Meanwhile, Carol discovers that Billie has more to do with the gun than he first let on.

Danny is pleased to discover that Roxy keeps a large stash of money in the safe above the Vic.

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