Amira Masood 'horrified' by Syed's secret

EastEnders Amira Masood is "horrified" when she learns about her husband's gay affair.

Actress Nina Wadia who plays pushy mother Zaniab Masood in the BBC One soap admits viewers will be gripped by the storyline which sees her son Syed Masood break her daughter-in-law Amira's heart when she finds out he has secretly fallen in love with neighbour Christian Clarke.

Amira who is played by the actress Preeya Kalidas discovers the truth when she finds some incriminating graffiti.

After Christian confirms her fears, the devastated wife forces her husband to admit he's gay in front of everyone at a family party.

Nina explains: "Amira turns up at the party, and Zainab can see she's in a real state. She's horrified to learn that her daughter-in-law knows the truth, and begs her not to say anything.

"But Christian and Syed turn up and Amira can't contain herself any longer. She makes Syed admit he's gay in front of everyone."

Nina whose alter-ego has known about her son's affair for some time but refused to do anything about it admits the altercation between Amira's father Qadim Shah and Syed is the most explosive.

Nina added: "Qadim completely loses it and lunges at Syed. People are holding him back, and there's lots of screaming and shouting. It's an amazing moment that sent shivers down my spine when we filmed it."

Source - Virgin Media


MackMac said…
This was always going to end in tears whether it was Syed, Christian or Amira. But its Amira who I feel sorry for the most after the dirt Syed and Christian have done.
Carla said…
It's great that it's coming out, however i do really feel that Zainab is the most to blame, she blackmailed Syed when he tried to get out of the wedding!!

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