Billie Jackson guilty over gun

Billie Jackson feels "pretty guilty" when his friend shoots Jack Branning in 'EastEnders'.

Devon Anderson who plays the wayward gang member in the BBC One soap has revealed his alter-ego feels terrible after his uncle, played by Scott Maslen, steps in and stops Billie from being hit by a bullet from his friend Kylie.

Devon explained: "How's he feeling? Pretty guilty, it was his gun and his friend Kylie was trying to shoot him. It's basically Billie's fault and he takes it really hard.

"Billie's not an angry or violent kid, so he was just given the gun to look after. He was always the charming kid who'd talk them out of trouble and therefore the most reliable the thought being that he wouldn't do anything stupid with it."

Devon who recently returned to Albert Square after a 12-year break from the show has also admitted things worsen for Billie when he argues with his sister Bianca Jackson and mother Carol Jackson after the shooting.

The market stall worker plans to leave his job to pursue a career in the army, when his mum discovers his plans and stops him.

Devon told Digital Spy: "Billie just feels really responsible. Then after Carol saying that she wishes he was dead and Max yelling at him, the final nail in the coffin is his sister Bianca's reaction when she tells Billie that she doesn't want him anywhere near her kids. It's heartbreaking for him, he's always been so close to Bianca.

"He just thinks 'no police, no fruit and veg - I'm going into the army...'. They end up meeting a recruitment sergeant and that goes pretty badly. It's classic Carol trying to look out for her son but she makes a bit of a fool of him."

Source - Virgin Media


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