EastEnders bosses slapping ban

EastEnders star John Partridge has revealed that he wanted his co-star to slap him for real in a scene - but was prevented by health and safety laws.

John's character Christian Clarke was seen getting slapped round the face by Zainab Masood during a heated row at New Year.

Asked if they wanted to do a real slap, John told This Morning: "Yeah we did at first, but they were like 'absolutely not'. But when it came to it it looked brilliant."

He added: "I think she might've knocked my teeth out if it was real!"

Responding to his remarks, a BBC spokesman told the Daily Mail: "As with most action scenes, we always have a stunt director present to make sure that our scenes look realistic but to ensure that no-one is injured.

"If a scene permits and the actor chooses to do the stunt themselves, it would be carefully choreographed to make sure that no-one is injured during filming."

Source - MSN


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