Ganatra: Patience has paid off

EastEnders star Nitin Ganatra said he has waited two years for "something to happen" with his screen family, but that the patience has now paid off.

Nitin, whose plays patriarch Masood Ahmed in the soap, admitted he used to feel a "sense of frustration of being a slow burner" in the show.

He said: "In that kind of genre of a soap, you're constantly waiting for something to happen, and we kind of waited two years, which is a long, long time to be twiddling your thumbs but of course when it happened, it happened spectacularly, and the family seems to be really loved."

He went on: "So the waiting paid off, the patience paid off. And I think for Masood, over the next five or six weeks, it really takes off for him as well."

Last year, the actor said the Masood family had more of a "domestic story" than the Mitchell clan, adding: "Domestic stories don't necessarily take the same kind of gritty, upfront drama that the Mitchells may have."

Next week, viewers will see Masood discover his son Syed's gay love affair with Christian Clarke.

Nitin said his character will find out "in a spectacular way".

He added: "Masood's a bit laid back, we see a better side to Masood, and we see a darker side to him. It's going to be good."

Source - MSN


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