John Partridge plans partnership ceremony

John Partridge is to "make an honest man" of his partner Jon Tsouras.

The 'EastEnders' actor who plays gay Christian Clarke in the BBC soap wants to plan a civil partnership ceremony with the 28-year-old Canadian in the autumn when his family are able to come over from North America.

He said: "It's about time I made an honest man of him. My lovely Jon's Canadian and it's all about when his family can come over, which might be this autumn.

"There might be some Irish dancing. We've both got Irish roots, so there could be a bit of the old Riverdance!"

While John's love life is going well, the same cannot be said of his 'EastEnders' alter ego.

Christian is currently involved in a major storyline involving an affair with married Muslim character Syed Masood and the 38-year-old star admits the plot doesn't end well.

He told Heat magazine: "In situations like this, there's a rarely a happy ending. There'll be a lot of heartbreak. This is Walford, not Oz. We're not in Kansas anymore."

John also admitted he is finding it difficult to go between filming scenes on the BBC soap to working as a talent show judge on Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber's latest search for a West End star, 'Over the Rainbow'.

He said: "It's tricky. One minute I'm doing emotional scenes around Preeya Kalidas (Amira Masood) leaving, then I go straight to the Dorothy farm and have to be really perky. I developed this twitch in my eye at one point, I swear."

Source - Virgin Media


Miranda Kaye said…
I want footage of the ceremony! I demand it! Haha, just playing. On another note, I really hoped that Marc and John's characters would end up together, but I guess that's not going to happen. John is so talented. I wish him the best with all the work he's juggling, and with his sweetheart Jon. :)

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