Marriage adviser Christian Clarke

EastEnders Christian Clarke will be left heart-broken when Amira Masood asks him for marital advice.

The openly-gay character portrayed by John Partridge will be distraught when the brunette beauty, played by Preeya Kalidas, opens up about her dwindling sex life with her new husband Syed Masoon, who is also his secret on/off lover.

John said: "She explains to Christian that Syed never wants to make love to her. She really opens up to him, and confesses they've only slept together about four times since they got married.

"It breaks Christian's heart, because he knows Syed wasn't like that when he was with him. He eventually agrees to help Amira put the spark into her marriage because she's his friend but it kills him inside."

Amira's confession will then cause the two men to get caught up in a heated row which will result in them locking lips once again.

John explained: "They end up having a physical tussle. They're pushing and shoving one another and the tension leads to a kiss."

Source - Virgin Media


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