Masood Ahmed's gay son shock

EastEnders Masood Ahmed's "world falls apart" when he discovers his son's gay affair.

The Albert Square postman played by Nitin Ganatra will run away in a state of panic when he spots his married muslim son Syed Masood in a romantic clinch with his lover Christian Clarke.

Nitin told DigitalSpy: "Masood's world falls apart. He doesn't react in the same way as Zainab, though - he just runs off. He wanders out of the flat, leaving Christian and Syed wondering who's seen them. In a state of shock, Masood goes back to the house and lies that the door to the flat was locked and so couldn't find Syed. When Syed returns, he starts to panic when he hears that Masood went looking for him."

Masood's wife Zainab discovered the truth for herself on Syed's wedding day to Amira Shah, although she has kept the couple's sordid secret from her family and spouse.

However, their affair is set to become public at an upcoming party.

Nitin explained: "After a week of thinking, he tells Zainab in the kindest way possible that their son is gay. Zainab pretends that she doesn't know, just to add more petrol to the fire. He's then trying to convince Zainab to confront the whole situation but she avoids it. It all then builds to this huge reveal at the party. All along, though, Masood's saying predatory things to Syed and Christian, teasing them about knowing. So in a very subtle way, he lets them both know that he's aware of what's going on and they'd better stop."

Although Nitin has enjoyed working on such a high-profile storyline, he is pleased his character finally knows what's going on.

He added: "I'm so relieved! I'll now stop getting texts and emails that start with, 'Hi Oblivious Dad'."

Source - Virgin Media


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