Partridge hoping for positive plot

EastEnders star John Partridge has said he hopes his character's relationship with Syed will be a positive gay storyline for the soap.

The actor's out-and-proud character Christian has been having a secret affair with married Muslim Syed Masood, played by Marc Elliott, and their relationship is about to be revealed to Albert Square in an explosive climax to the storyline.

John is pleased that viewers want Christian and Syed to become a proper couple, and hopes script writers allow them to stay together, reports Inside Soap.

He said: "I hope this will be a positive gay storyline. I want us to show the flip side of what's happened, where we're saying it's a beautiful thing between them. Viewers tell me that they want Syed and Christian to be a proper couple, and I really hope they continue to feel like that."

But it seems Christian and Syed will not be able to live together in peace and happiness immediately, as it has been rumoured that Christian will be attacked when the affair is made public.

A source told the magazine: "Christian is going to take the brunt of the pushback."

Source - MSN


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