Rita Simons cake row

Rita Simons threw her birthday cake in someone's face.

The actress who plays feisty 'EastEnders' landlady Roxy Mitchell lashed out at a guest at her party in revenge for the mystery reveller dropping food into her drink.

Her pal and co-star John Partridge who plays Christian Clarke in the soap revealed: "We're always in trouble when we meet up, our partners have got to the stage where they dread us going out together.

"At her last birthday party she had a gorgeous cake and someone kept dropping tiny bits of it into her champagne glass.

"We worked out who it was and I told her, 'Put the cake in his face' so she picked up the entire thing and chucked it in his face. There was cake everywhere, it was fantastic."

As well as Rita, John is also close to Nina Wadia, who plays Zainab Masood, the mother of Christian's secret lover Syed and admits he hates scenes where their characters row.

He told Reveal magazine: "I absolutely love her - she's wonderful and has become a good friend of mine.

"We spend so much time giggling - sometimes we can't concentrate.

"When we have those scenes, as soon as we're finished we'll hug and we both say, 'I love you.' "

Source - Virgin Media


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