Rita Simons prudish husband

Rita Simons husband won't watch her kissing scenes.

The actress who plays EastEnders landlady Roxy Mitchell has revealed hairdresser Theo Silverston feels uncomfortable when she has to smooch her male co-stars and refuses to tune into the show if he knows she will be locking lips with another man.

Rita said: "My husband absolutely hate it if I'm kissing other men. In fact, he turns away and goes, 'La la la la la!'

"I always try to make him watch, but he won't even discuss it. He'd also like to think I was a virgin until we met."

Despite it making her husband uncomfortable, Rita who has four-year-old twins Jaimee and Maya admits she enjoys kissing scenes with her hunky co-stars.

She added: "The biggest misconception about Roxy is that she's a sl*g. Please tell me who I've kissed in the show, who's still here? Jack? Oh yeah. He isn't the best kisser though that would be Dr. Al, Adam Croasdell."

Source - Virgin Media


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