Spoilers for 26-30 April 2010

Monday 26 April 2010

Syed has some big decisions to make about his future, in the first visit of the week to Walford.

Meanwhile, Denise gives Chelsea some advice which she chooses not to take and Ben is left feeling upset after Jordan and Abi tell him they don't want to be friends with him any more. Desperate to see Ben happy, Zsa Zsa persuades Leon to befriend him.

Tuesday 27 April 2010

Tension is at an all-time high in the Masood household, as the drama continues in Albert Square.

Liz tells Dot that she hasn’t heard from Owen, and is clearly worried about his whereabouts.

Meanwhile, Leon is annoyed when he finds a gift for Zsa Zsa from a secret admirer.

Thursday 29 April 2010

Pat and Peggy both have hot dates at the Arghee Bhaji, in this evening's visit to Albert Square.

The Mitchell sisters, Roxy and Ronnie, fall out over money issues, and Amira's father, Qadim, arrives in Walford looking for Syed.

Friday 30 April 2010

Pat and Peggy discover the truth about the man they're both dating, in the final visit of the week to Albert Square.

Meanwhile, Lucy is shocked to discover that Ian's surprise for Jane's birthday is not the tropical holiday she'd imagined. Instead, Ian is bringing the tropics to Walford.

After stealing Whitney's T-shirt designs, Becca discovers that she has been set up by Fatboy.

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