Cliff Parisi's unscheduled son

Cliff Parisi was upset to miss the EastEnders Christmas special because of the birth of his son Arthur.

The actor who plays hapless car mechanic Minty Pearson in the BBC One show celebrated the birth of his first child with his fiancee Tanya Wyer on December 28 last year but was disappointed to have missed the iconic yearly episode on December 25.

He told OK! magazine: "Once she was induced, nothing happened for ages, but as soon as the epidural went in she started dilating and he just flew out. Tara screamed at me, 'What do I do? Do I breathe in or out?' So I just said, 'Just push!' I helped to pull the baby's head out and I cut the cord. It was like 'Carry On Doctor!' Tara was asleep for most of it, then I looked down and there was the baby's head! We even missed the 'EastEnders' Christmas special!

"He's been to the set a couple of times and they love him. Uncle Perry Fenwick has spent a fortune on him. He's got West Ham everything!"

Tanya suffered from pre-eclampsya during the later stages of her pregnancy, but the pair managed to remain calm during the labour.

Tanya said: "Cliff was fantastic, he kept calling himself the third midwife and taking credit for the delivery."

He added: "People believed I was a doctor by the end of it all!"

Source - Virgin Media


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