Elba eyes return to East End roots

Idris Elba wants to have a cameo role in EastEnders to make his mum proud.

The Luther actor, currently powering towards New York in the Gumball 3,000 road rally, is a real East End boy himself, having grown up in Hackney and Canning Town and he reckons a role in Albert Square would make his mother's day.

Idris who has become a star around the world due to his role in cult US drama The Wire, playing drug baron Stringer Bell said of EastEnders: "It's my mum's favourite show and I love being in things my mum likes."

He joked: "I'd play the ghost of Dirty Den or something. Or Dirty Den's long-lost, adopted son from a previous marriage."

Idris who made his debut as maverick cop Luther in BBC One's new drama series last night - is no stranger to the world of soaps.

He played Tim Webster for a year in Five's now defunct series Family Affairs and has a lot of respect for soap actors.

"People who do soaps often have a lot more experience than other actors. They just get known for that character and it's hard for them to move on," he said during a stop-over on the Gumball 3,000 rally.

Other notable figures who have made appearances in Walford over the years have included Boris Johnson and Robbie Williams.

Source - MSN


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