Hawkins: I never get broody on set

EastEnders star Charlie G Hawkins has admitted he can't wait to get off the set when filming scenes with a baby.

His cheeky alter ego Darren Miller was last year unveiled as the surprise father of Heather Trott's tot George.

But the 19-year-old actor told Inside Soap that playing a dad makes him the opposite of broody.

He said: "My brother's got two kids I love to bits, but I couldn't imagine looking after one all day long. A lot of female cast members get broody when they act with babies, but I've never really felt like that. I'm like 'Get me off set, I want to go out and watch the football!'"

The star added that Walford fans "still find it quite hard to believe" that his character is George's father.

"Usually they are really complimentary - they say it was a shock, but like the way it was handled," he added.

Source - MSN


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