Liam sets record straight

The arrival of EastEnders' new executive producer Bryan Kirkwood sparked a flurry of "exciting exits" from Albert Square, with Liam Bergin rumoured to be one of them.

But the actor, who plays dodgy dealer Danny Mitchell, insists he didn't get the chop from the BBC soap.

He said to Inside Soap: "I knew that this was the length of my contract from the beginning - there's always a possibility a contract may be extended, but with Danny, I never understood how that could happen; the con can't go on forever."

Liam - whose on-screen alter-ego is trying to con sister Roxy out of her money - added: "He was brought in to achieve something, and either he does or he doesn't. It's the end of the story."

He said viewers would be pleased with the ending, which will air on screens this summer.

"I've had my final scripts for about a month, and the conclusion is satisfying for me as an actor. I think it's the ending that the audience deserves," he explained.

Source - Holy Soap


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