Lucas Johnson attempts wife murder

EastEnders Lucas Johnson tries to kill his wife.

The murderous preacher played by Don Gilet "snaps" while driving with Denise, attacking her before throwing her lifeless body in the canal, disposing of her mobile phone and purse and smashing the window of their vehicle in a bid to make it appear someone else was involved.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "He snaps and throttles her. She is seen fighting him off, and kicking at the windows, before going limp.

"He then puts on black leather gloves, and pushes her into the canal and saunters away."

However, his scheme doesn't go as planned, with a witness tipping off police in scenes to air next month.

The source added: "Unbeknownst to him, he was spotted and the police were called. They arrive and within minutes divers pull out a body."

Lucas has already left his ex-wife Trina to die, making her accidental passing look like a drug overdose, murdered Denise's ex-husband Owen and killed his son's dog in fear the pooch was about to expose Owen's burial site.

Recent reports have also suggested he kills at least one prostitute in a desperate bid to "save" them from their sins.

Source - Virgin Media

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T said…
Oh! I really hope this is true! Denise is such a crap character!
Anonymous said…
The religious people are never shown in a good light on any soap!The malevolent lucas really is the worst I have ever seen and although the issues eastenders addresses are always acted well its a shame that the religious characters always are potrayed this way.
Anonymous said…
Well it'll be a great shame to see Denise's character go! And the plot to have her killed off would be ever so boring!! And a complete waste of time.

Nothing great in that, it would be good if the story line had a great twist to the plot - and the body ends up being the prostitute that approached Lucas instead of the wife's body!

How good would that be knowing Denise is out there and maybe to seek revenge?....An opportunity to see Denise's character in a different light! Come on Eastenders - "GET CREATIVE"

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