Maslen pleased with 'sexiest' award

EastEnders star Scott Maslen said his recent Sexiest Male award is a "result for older guys".

The 38-year-old, who plays Jack Branning in the soap, picked up the gong at the British Soap Awards.

The Daily Star quotes him as saying: "It's a bit of a result for us older guys. As a bloke, you sit there thinking the only sort of guys who turn women's heads are the young, chiselled, buffed blokes you see in the gym - not slightly more worn-out guys like me."

He added, however, that his pals will give him "loads of grief" over the prize.

Source - MSN


John Paul said…
scott i think in eastenders you should just become gay in it your hot as hell go with john partridge or me john paul anyway liked you in a uniform
John Paul said…
in the bill you were fantastic and the cockney accent oh well to hot im scottish no wonder you got the sexiest award you got it all.

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