Preeya Kalidas proud of EastEnders

Preeya Kalidas is proud her EastEnders storyline was "groundbreaking".

The British actress who portrayed Amira Shah in the BBC One soap confesses the storyline centred around a gay affair between her on-screen husband Syed Masood and his pal Christian Clarke was an "amazing opportunity" for her.

Speaking at the world premiere of '' at the Empire Leicester Square Cinema on Tuesday (25.05.10), Preeya told BANG Showbiz: "I definitely think we broke some barriers. I've been part of some amazing projects that we have done which are groundbreaking - so it's great to be part of a storyline such as the Amira, Syed, Christian triangle."

The pretty actress who is now launching a pop career also claims shooting her emotional final scenes on the soap was tough.

She said: "The final scenes were emotional and traumatic because it was also my last day of filming in the show so there were some real tears. But I loved being part of such a fantastic storyline, it was great working with such amazing actors and the effect that it had on the public watching, we've had a really great response

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Anonymous said…
Nobleman denies affair with Preeya Kalidas

Hungarian aristocrat Count Miklós Cseszneky de Milvány has denied he is romantically involved with Preeya Kalidas. A photo showing him hugging with the actress has been published by tabloids and community portals suggesting an affair.

However, according to the Count, the hugging happened „accidentally” when the former EastEnders star signed a copy of her first single ' Shimmy ' for him. The 31-year-old nobleman is distantly related to the Royal Family, but he is basically pennyless, since the domains of the family were confiscated and noble privileges were abolished in his native country.

Preeya Kalidas declined to comment. In a 2009 interview the British-Asian actress revealed she was prepared to ask her parents to find her a husband, adding arranged marriages were a positive thing.

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