Ryan Malloy's confusing kiss bet

Ryan Malloy almost kisses Stacey Branning for a bet with his girlfriend Janine Butcher.

The 'EastEnders' hunk will try to woo the pregnant market stall worker who is portrayed by Lacey Turner in the BBC One soap after he and his bitchy lover embark upon a comical bet to try and kiss fellow Albert Square residents.

However, the bad boy character who doesn't realise Stacey is pregnant with his child following a drunken one-night stand, withdraws from their contest at the last minute.

Neil explained: "They have a nice chat, but Stacey's a bit confused by Ryan's overly friendly behaviour towards her, and thinks it's all very off. She gives him a lucky coin that she stole from him ages ago. Ryan suddenly realises the bet is totally out of order and tells Janine that the wager's off."

Although Neil likes being involved in the show's prominent storylines, he is saddened his character will no longer interact with Stacey when Lacey leaves the show later this year.

He said: "It's sad that Lacey's going. Obviously the time is right for her to move on. I'm sure the fact that Stacey killed Archie Mitchell will play a big role over the coming months, but I have no idea what'll happen, or even if Ryan and Janine will still be talking when the secret comes out."

While the future of Stacey's baby is uncertain, Neil can't imagine his alter-ego or Janine would make good replacement parents.

He added: "Janine as a stepmum? Maybe a child could be the making of Ryan and Janine though - who knows? It would certainly be a learning curve for them."

Source - Virgin Media


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