Stacey Branning lives for baby

Stacey Branning's unborn baby has given her "reason to live".

Actress Lacey Turner who portrays the pregnant market stall worker on 'EastEnders' has revealed how her alter-ego has nothing to look forward to in life other than her baby bump after her husband Bradley died earlier this year.

Lacey said: "She'll put everything into being a mum. The baby's given her a reason to live now that Bradley's gone."

However, the bi-polar Albert Square resident is in for a fright when she feels a "twinge" in her tummy and worries she is losing the baby.

She told Soaplife magazine: "She feels a twinge when she's at the market stall. Jean panics and that scares Stacey who's terrified the baby is going to be born too soon - it's not due till late June.

"It turns out to be a false alarm. The thing is she hasn't been to any antenatal classes so she doesn't know what to expect from a pregnancy.

"Jean is supposed to be her birthing partner, and you can imagine how that would be, can't you! But it might not turn out like that."

Source - Virgin Media


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