Ender the road for Lucy

Devious teen Lucy Beale's scheming days are nearly over as Melissa Suffield is leaving the show.

Walford bosses have confirmed the 17-year-old actress is saying goodbye to Albert Square this summer.

According to reports, producers gave Melissa a final warning after she was snapped going into a London nightclub while under age.

A source told the Daily Star that soap chiefs had "no choice" but to write her out of the soap when the situation didn't improve.

"Melissa is 17 and wants to go out, have fun and do what she likes. But that kind of behaviour doesn't work when you're on a show like EastEnders," the source said.

An EastEnders spokeswoman declined to comment on the allegations, but confirmed: "Melissa is leaving this summer and we wish her the best of luck for her future."

Lucy's had a lot of screen time of late. Viewers have recently seen her keep stepmum Jane in the dark about terminating her pregnancy and secretly try to get her claws into Leon during a trip to the woods.

Last week, actress Melissa said her alter ego - the daughter of the late, great Cindy Beale - had the potential to be the "ultimate villain". Let's hope she goes out with a bang.

Source - Holy Soap


shell said…
dont get rid of lucy my favorite charactor melissa is the best actriss ever
tty1307 said…
I swear, this new executive producer, Bryan Norwood is just killing everyone off the set.

Bring Santer back.
Anonymous said…
Bring Lucy Beale back to Eastenders, stop the rot of this terrible baby storyline and give BRYAN KIRKWOOD THE BOOT!
Eastenders was good when Melissa Suffield was playing Lucy Beale and boy do we need her back now to liven things up before the whole soap goes down the pan for good.

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