Larry Lamb reveals hearing loss

Larry Lamb has revealed he has lost hearing in one ear after developing a fever following a trip to Africa.

The ex-EastEnders star flew to Dakar in Senegal in January to raise awareness of the work done by child poverty charity Plan, and later suffered an illness with symptoms of malaria.

He apparently told the Daily Mail that he took anti-malarial drug Malarone during the visit but ignored advice to keep taking it at home.

Larry, who was bitten by a mosquito during his stay, said: "I'd been told I should take them for eight days after leaving Senegal, but didn't understand why as I was completely well. But about three days later I began to feel ill. It was like the worst hangover I'd ever had."

The 62-year-old later developed profound hearing problems in his right ear, and has now been fitted with a hi-tech hearing aid.

He said: "I suddenly understood why people with hearing loss can become isolated.

"It was such a strain that I couldn't always be bothered to keep asking people to repeat themselves. It's easier to tune out, so that's what you do."

He hopes his problems will encourage other people, including celebrities involved in charity work, to be careful.

He said: "I can only blame myself - I was stupid and I've paid the price. I want to warn other people, including celebrities who go abroad to promote charities. I won't be making any more such trips myself. Of course, I saw a lot worse in Africa, but it has been really upsetting."

Source - MSN


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