Natalie Cassidy could return to EastEnders

Natalie Cassidy would return to 'EastEnders' if her alter-ego was needed.

The actress who has played Sonia Jackson on and off since 1993 admits she would never rule out returning to Albert Square and would happily make the move if her TV persona was wanted for an important storyline.

She said: "It's down to circumstances, but I think if Sonia's needed then I'd help them."

The 27-year-old actress is currently expecting her first child with partner Adam Cottrell, and is working on her own reality TV show 'Natalie Cassidy: Becoming Mum'.

Despite not appearing in 'EastEnders' regularly since February 2007, Natalie still gets approached by members of the public who confuse her with her frumpy TV persona.

She explained to TV Times: "People on the street still call out to me, 'How's Martin?' or, 'Where's your trumpet?' It's nice because people have grown up with that character and they obviously relate to her."

Natalie was last seen on the BBC One soap earlier this year when she returned for the wedding of her screen sister Bianca Butcher to Ricky Butcher.

Source - Virgin Media


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