Rita Simons wants old Roxy back

EastEnders star Rita Simons wants her alter ego Roxy Mitchell to revert to her former fun self.

Roxy's life has been transformed since she inherited father Archie's fortune and was made landlady of the Queen Vic, ousting her aunt Peggy Mitchell.

In an interview with This Morning, the actress admitted she struggled to get her head around the character's shift in behaviour, but promised a return to Roxy's fun-loving ways.

She said: "I think soon we're going to see a return to good old, good time girl Roxy."

Agreeing that Roxy had turned into something of a wicked witch, she said: "She has. I can only hope and put it down to grief and the money going to her head because I can't myself gauge why this fun time girl has gone from that to being so nasty."

She added: "I want to keep it fun. It's such fun to play all that stuff. It's absolutely excellent."

Source - MSN


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