Sam Mitchell to return pregnant

Sam Mitchell will reportedly be pregnant when she returns to 'EastEnders'.

The feisty blonde played by Danniella Westbrook will stun both viewers and Albert Square residents when she returns from prison claiming to be expecting Ricky Butcher's baby.

A source said: "When Sam went to prison she told her family, including her mum Peggy, that she wanted nothing more to do with them.

"Viewers know nothing about her life inside so imagine the shock they'll get when they see her heavily pregnant. She's made some comebacks but this one will definitely be the best."

The insider admits that Sam's pregnancy causes fireworks for several characters, including Ricky and his wife Bianca, and may also have repercussions for Ronnie Mitchell, who is in a relationship with Jack Branning after it was claimed the former policeman could also be the baby's father.

The source added to the Daily Star Sunday newspaper: "She tells her family that the child is Ricky's, causing all sorts of problems for him and wife Bianca. The two women absolutely detest each other, so viewers can expect fireworks. And the fact that she's pregnant means Sam can say whatever she wants. She knows there is absolutely nothing Bianca can do about it.

"If the baby is Jack's, it could quite easily mean the end of his relationship with Ronnie."

The source also hinted Sam who is set to depart the show again around the time Barbara Windsor, who plays her mother Peggy Mitchell won't be leaving with the baby.

The source explained: "Just because Sam is leaving the Square, it doesn't necessarily mean that she'll take the baby with her. She's not exactly the most maternal of characters.

"One rumour doing the rounds is that she'll leave once the baby is born and Peggy will go with her."

Source - Virgin Media


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