Stacey Branning talkative in labour

Stacey Branning almost tells Ryan Malloy she's carrying his baby when she goes into labour.

The feisty 'EastEnders' market-stall owner who fell pregnant with the Albert Square hunk's child following a brief fling last year is rowing with Ryan when her waters.

Despite their argument, the bookmaker who is dating Janine Butcher travels with Stacey to hospital, where she quickly becomes "high" on gas and air and almost reveals the tot's paternity.

Actress Lacey Turner revealed: "Stacey tells him where to do. But her contractions have started by then, so she's forced to change her mind. She grabs his leg and begs him not to leave her, and he ends up getting trapped in the ambulance with her. By the time she's high on gas and air at the hospital, she wants him there. It's a difficult birth, and she ends up telling him all sorts of things before the baby arrives."

However, Stacey - who has always maintained the child was her late husband Bradley Branning's decides not to tell Ryan the truth for the sake of her new baby.

She explained: "Stacey's so happy to be a mother, she really loves her little girl and will do anything for her. The baby is all Stacey wants now, and although deep down she wants her daughter to know who her dad is, it opens up a whole can of worms. Every time she intends to tell Ryan, something happens to change her mind."

Source - Virgin Media


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